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Form Download Link
Application Form for Going Abroad (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Checklist for Exchange Students Returning to the University (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Preliminary Course List for Studying Abroad (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Credit Transfer Application Form (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Application Form for Change of Enrollment Status (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Power of Attorney (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Enrollment Process Sheet for the Second Semester in 2011 (Individuals) (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Notification for Doctoral Student of Passing the Ph.D. Candidacy Evaluation (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Request Form for Admission Deferral (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF
Application for Reinstatement of Admission Deferral (2015/08/25) Docx | ODF

Source of The Materials: Office of Academic Affairs, National Sun Yat-sen University