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Part-time MBA

Part-time Master Degrees

Part-time Master Degrees in Information Management (for domestic students)
E-business is an inevitable trend for business in the future and information technology plays an invaluable role for successful e-business. It is essential for IT professions to understand how to utilize information technology for supporting business operation, improving the competitiveness of a corporation, and managing database systems (e.g., ERP, CRM, EC, SCM, BPR, and KM).


Part-time Master Degrees -- Online Master of Business Administration in Electronic Commerce and Business Analytics (for domestic students)
With the rapid development of e-commerce, it is getting easier and easier to collect information from customers and their behaviors. Many companies find that although there is a huge amount of data, they don’t know how to turn such a big data into instruments for production and operation management and find more profitable models from them. Big data is compared to the new black gold. The analysis of big data helps e-commerce operators to understand consumer behaviors and then conduct precision marketing, to predict business opportunities in a less laborious and less time-consuming manner, and to predict customers' future purchasing behaviors.


Last Update: 2019/11/27