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Title Name Education Research Interests
Distinguished Professor &
Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu Ph.D., MIS Department, University of Central Florida, USA Project management / Team Learning / Team mental models
Distinguished Professor San-Yih Hwang Ph.D., Computer Science, Univ. of Minnesota, USA Database Systems / Text Mining / Data Mining / Workflow Management
Distinguished Professor Chao-Min Chiu Ph.D., Rutgers University, USA e-Commerce / Internet Community / Knowledge Management
Distinguished Professor Jen-Her Wu Ph.D., Decision Science and Information Systems, Univ. of Kentucky, USA E-Business Innovation and Implementation / E-Commerce and Eco-System / Click and Mortar Integration and Value Co-Creation / Systems Analysis and Design
Professor Chia-Mei Chen Ph.D., Computer Science, Univ. of Maryland, USA Network Security, Intrusion Detection, Machine Learning, Text Mining
Professor Wei-Po Lee Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, U.K. Artificial Intelligence / Natural Computing / Bionic Systems / Data Mining
Professor Te-Min Chang Ph.D., Management, Purdue Univ., USA Text Mining / Information Retrieval / Machine Learning / Recommendation Mechanism / Decision Analysis
Associate Professor Pin-Yang Liu Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Auburn Univ. USA Scheduling /Production Control Systems/ Inventory and MaterialManagement/Quality Control/System Integeration
Associate Professor Yu-Chen Yang Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Florida, USA Electronic Commerce / Economics of Information Systems / Cloud Computing
Associate Professor Wee-Kheng Tan Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore Marketing / Cconsumer behavior and e-commerce / Particularly in the context of tourism / Online marketing and technology adoption
Associate Professor Keng-Pei Lin Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan Data Mining / Data Privacy/ Data Management / Machine Learning
Associate Professor Chieh Lee Ph.D., Operations and Management Science, Washington State University, USA Supply chain channel selection, risk management in healthcare industry, operational hedging, global logistics risk mitigation, purchasing postponing decisions with stochastic demand, predictive statistical models.
Associate Professor Yihuang Kang Ph.D., Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, USA Statistical Machine Learning / Enterprise Data Management / Healthcare Data Analytics / Business Process Management / Complex Systems
Associate Professor Huei-Fang Yang Ph.D., Computer Science, Texas A&M University, USA Computer vision and deep learning and their applications to large-scale image search, image hashing, face image understanding, and biomedical image analysis.
Assistant Professor Yi Han Ph.D., Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA Visual Analytics / Human-Computer Interaction

Last Update: 2023/05/31