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The curriculum is composed of four groups of courses: Required Courses (Table 1) , Major Courses, Minor Courses, and Prerequisite Courses.
〉 Table 1—Required Courses (13 units)
The Required Courses list below are compulsory of all students graduating from this program.

Required Courses Unit
Research Methods I 3
Research Methods II 3
Management Information Systems Research 3
Seminar in Advanced Information Systems I 1
Seminar in Advanced Information Systems II 1
Seminar in Advanced Information Systems III 1
Seminar in Advanced Information Systems IV 1
〉 Major Courses
Students must choose at least 3 courses offered by MIS department and from different professors.
〉 Minor Courses
Before graduation, students must choose a minor from other departments and take at least three graduate courses from their chosen minor. Their grades must be at least C and approved by their dissertation advisors.
〉 Prerequisite Courses
Prerequisites Courses include seven courses as the following: High Speed Computer Network, Database Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Management Information Systems, Operations Research, Business Management, and Economics. Students in this program can wave these prerequisite courses based on their prior grades or work experiences by the approval of the curriculum committee.

*Before submitting dissertation proposal, students must pass the qualifying exam, academic journal publication and Standard English test requirements.

〉 Qualifying Exam
1. Test subjects include Research Methods, Management Systems, and Information Technology.
2. Qualifying exam can be waved by academic journal publications.
〉 Academic Journal Publication Requirement
Students must publish at least two papers on Academic Journals. After publishing the papers, students will be qualified to apply for dissertation proposal approval.
Duration of Study SSIC / SCI / AHCI TSSCI
within 4 years 2  
5-6 years 1 1
above 7 years   1 or other international journal
〉 English Proficiency Requirement
Students in the Ph.D. program must reach the score at one of the following Standard English tests before their graduation.
Standard English Test TOEFL Test GEPT TOEIC
Grade iBT 61 High Intermediate Test—Pass 1st Stage 700


Last Update: 2021/04/29