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  • (Chinese)中山資管109學年度碩士班考試入學與碩專班熱情招生中!(報名期間:11/25~12/11)
  • 2019 GRADUATION PROJECT PRESENTATION(11/11、11/14~11/15)
  • (Chinese)2019科技部人文司管理二學門專題研究計畫成果發表會
  • (Chinese)感謝元大資訊捐贈 Pepper 機器人
  • (Chinese)賀!本系梁定澎老師主持之「智慧電子商務研究中心」獲選教育部深根計畫全球鏈結(Global Taiwan)研究中心!
  • 2019 Workshop on Big Data Analytics and Smart Commerce
  • (Chinese)中山管院:商業大數據平台
  • (Chinese)開設深度學習新課程 邁向人工智慧新時代
  • (Chinese)出國修習雙聯學位與國際交換
  • (Chinese)美國University of Pittsburgh暑期碩士班學生交流活動
  • (Chinese)智慧機器人實驗室


〉 For domestic students
Numbers of admission: 4 students for Fall 2020
Admission Application is composed of two parts: Part I. Application documents review and Part II. Interview.


Part I: application documents review
The application documents count for 50% of the total application score.
Part II: interview (50% of the total application score)


*Past exam questions(chinese): https://lis.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1001-2949.php?Lang=zh-tw (or check the reference number 527.113 in the university library)
〉 Scholarship
To encourage students study in the Ph.D. program full time, the department provides outstanding students scholarship.


Last Update: 2019/11/25