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〉 For domestic students
Two major ways are applied for students to enter the Master program: (1) Recruitment Examination, or (2) Admission Application.
Entry requirements: A good honor bachelor degree from a recognized university or college; prospective students who use equivalent degree to apply please refer to recruitment brochure.
(1) Recruitment Examination
Numbers of admission: 23 students for Fall 2020.
Group A Group B
Test subject Test subject
Introduction to Computer
Management Information Systems
Introduction to Computer
Data Structure
*For the latest test information please refer to recruitment website(Chinese):


(2) Admission Application
Numbers of admission: 30 students for Fall 2020
Admission Application is composed of two parts: Part I. Application documents review and Part II. Interview.
Part I: application documents review
The application documents count for 50% of the total application score. Based on the score result, student whose score is no less than 80 will be contacted for the interview. (Very rarely, when applicants have significant performance shown on his/her application documents, the applicants will be admitted to the master program directly without the interview.)
Part II: interview (50% of the total application score)

*Past exam questions(chinese): https://lis.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1001-2949.php?Lang=zh-tw (or check the reference number 527.113 in the university library)


Last Update: 2019/11/25