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  • 2019 Workshop on Big Data Analytics and Smart Commerce
  • (Chinese)中山管院:商業大數據平台
  • (Chinese)開設深度學習新課程 邁向人工智慧新時代
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The curriculum is composed of five groups of courses: University Compulsory Courses (Table 1), Required Courses (Table 2), Required Elective Courses (Table 3), Senior Project (Table 4) and Elective Courses (Table 5). Senior Project is a 1 year-long courses which is designed with aims to improve students’ collaborative learning and abilities to apply what they have learned during their study in this program.

Minimal requirement for graduation: 135 units

〉 Table 1—University Compulsory Courses (31 units)
The compulsory courses list below are required of all students graduating from this program.
Basic Education Unit
Chinese 4
English 4
Sport & Health 4
Volunteer Services 0

General Education Unit
General Education 20
General Education Lecture 1
〉 Table 2—Required Courses (57 units)
The required courses consist four areas of study: Management, Management of Information Systems (MIS), Computer and Communication (C&C), and Decision Science (DS). The Required Courses list below are compulsory of all students graduating from this program.
Management Unit
Accounting 6
Calculus 3
Economics 3
Business Law 2
Management 3

MIS Unit
Information Technology and Management 3
Management Information Systems 3
Systems Analysis and Designs 3
Case Studies in Information Management 3
Seminar in Information System Practice 1

C & C Unit
Basic Computer Concepts 3
Computer Programming 3
Data Structures 3
Business Data Communication 3
Operating Systems 3
Database Management 3

DS Unit
Managerial Mathematics 3
Statistics 6
〉 Table 3—Required Elective Courses (6 units)
Students must select at least two courses from Required Elective Courses list below.
General Management (select 2) Unit
Financial Management 3
Organization Behavior 3
Marketing Management 3
Human Resource Management 3
Production and Operation Management 3
Managerial Accounting 3
Operations Research 3
〉 Table 4—Senior Project
Ten different topics of Senior Project courses are offered in the second semester of a student’s junior year and the first semester of senior year. Students are required to take two courses (with identical project focus) for their senior projects.
Senior Project—Part I (select 1) Unit
Management Information Systems Project I 3
Internet Project I 3
Production-Marketing Information Systems Project I 3
Decision Support Systems Project I 3
Business Process Project I 3
Multi-Media System Project I 3
Database Systems Project I 3
Intelligent Systems Project I 3
Electronic Commerce Project I 3
Multimedia Network Project I 3

Senior Project—Part II (select 1) Unit
Management Information Systems Project II 3
Internet Project II 3
Production-Marketing Information Systems Project II 3
Decision Support Systems Project II 3
Business Process Project II 3
Multi-Media System Project II 3
Intelligent Systems Project II 3
Electronic Commerce Project II 3
Multimedia Network Project II 3
*Students’ Projects are collected for Annual Achievement Exhibition. Both faculty and EMIS students would serve as the evaluation committee to provide practical and professional advice for project improvement.

〉 Table 5 Elective Courses (at least 35 units)
Various elective courses are offered to fulfill students’ career goals and interests.
MIS Unit
Network Communication and Society 3
Research in Electronic Commerce 3
Information Ethics 3
Introduction to Business 3
Logistics 3

C & C Unit
Object-Oriented Programming 3
Software Packages 3
Web Programming 3
Information Systems Planning 3
Computer Organizations 3
Software Engineering 3

DS Unit
Special Topics in Business System Simulation 3
Modeling and Simulation 3
Logistic Management Systems in Asia/ Pacific Area 3
Advanced Statistics 3
System Simulation and Analysis 3

Others Unit
Business English and Communication 3
Foreign Language—Japanese 1 3
Foreign Language—Japanese 2 3
English Language Laboratory 3
Advance Business Communication 3
〉 Service Courses:
In order to cultivate students with attitude of social service, our Department also offers Service Courses, such as Information Software Volunteer course. This course prepares our students for their future job market. English Campus Tour Volunteer Training course equips students to cope with globalization and to fulfill their needs of study abroad.


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