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  • (Chinese)109學年大學部推甄資訊
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  • 2019 Workshop on Big Data Analytics and Smart Commerce
  • (Chinese)中山管院:商業大數據平台
  • (Chinese)開設深度學習新課程 邁向人工智慧新時代
  • (Chinese)出國修習雙聯學位與國際交換
  • (Chinese)美國University of Pittsburgh暑期碩士班學生交流活動
  • (Chinese)智慧機器人實驗室


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National Sun Yat-Sen University Course Selection Guidelines for 2018 Academic Year 2nd Semester (Dec 10, 2018) PDF
Implementation Guidelines for Inter-institutional Course Selection (Dec 10, 2018) PDF
National Sun Yat-Sen University Application Procedure for Inter-institutional Course Selection (including summer courses) PDF
Implementation Guidelines for Domestic Exchange Program (May 24, 2018) PDF
Regulations for Leave Application and Test Resitting (Jun 15, 2010) PDF
Guidelines for Students' Change of Departments (Aug 06, 2012) PDF
Double Major Studies Guidelines for Undergraduate Students (Aug 03, 2006) PDF
Guidelines for Undergraduate Students Selecting Minors (Aug 03, 2012) PDF
Refunding Guidelines for Students who Leave the University (Oct 16, 2013) PDF
Guidelines for Early Graduation of Undergraduates for Excellent Academic Achievement (Oct 17, 2011) PDF
Guidelines for the Five-Year Bachelor's and Master's Degree System (Jun 10, 2013) PDF
Guidelines for the Study and Enrollment Status of Students Going Abroad (Dec 12, 2013) PDF
Credit Transfer Guidelines (Jun 10, 2013) PDF
Appealing Procedure for Review of the Semester Grades (Oct 05, 2001) PDF
Guidelines for Granting the Book-Waft Award to Undergraduates (Jun 10, 2014) PDF
Guidelines for Granting the Award to Outstanding Graduates of Bachelor Program (Jun 11, 2012) PDF
Regulations for the International Elite Doctoral Student Entrance Scholarship Fund (March 21,2019) PDF
Guidelines for Granting the Title of Honorary Student for Graduates of Bachelor Program (Oct 17, 2011) PDF
Guidelines for Direct Admission into Ph.D. Program (Dec 13, 2010) PDF
Implementation Bylaws for Ph. D. and Master Degree Examination (Mar 10, 2014) PDF
Implementation Guidelines for the Qualifying Examination of Ph. D. Candidates (Mar 03, 1997) PDF
Guidelines for Selection of Advisors (Jun 11, 2004) PDF
Guidelines for Evaluation of Students' Academic Performance (Dec 19, 2011) PDF
Credit Transfer Guidelines for Professional Program Students (Jan 03, 2003) PDF
Thesis/Dissertation Format Regulations (Mar 19, 2015) PDF
Directions Guidelines for Graduated Students' Request for Change of Major (Aug 06, 2012) PDF
Regulations for Teaching Assistants Training and Evaluation of National Sun Yat-sen University (Dec 17, 2012) PDF
Teaching Assistants Guidelines for Undergraduate Student Enrollment of National Sun Yat-Sen University (Mar 10, 2010) PDF
National Sun Yat-sen University and Kaohsiung Medical University Guidelines for Cross-University Double Majors (Jun 25, 2013) PDF
National Sun Yat-sen University and Kaohsiung Medical University Guidelines for Cross-University Minor Study (Jun 25, 2013) PDF

Source of The Materials: Office of Academic Affairs, National Sun Yat-sen University